Concept – Delhi Edition

Air pollution in Delhi has hit hazardous levels and fast turning it into a “Gas chamber”. Air quality Index of Delhi is five times worse than the limit considered unhealthy by the Central Pollution Control Board. The level is equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes a day. A WHO survey of more than 1600 cities has ranked Delhi as the most polluted. Persistent smog plagues the city after the cracker bursting spree in Diwali. This is happening despite the Supreme Court’s Diwali cracker ban. Both ambient and household air pollution have been identified as key health risks in India, and more than 50% of India’s population lives in areas where the air quality exceeds the annual PM2.5 standard (40 μg/m3).

In the last few years, there has been a renewed focus on improving air quality in Indian cities, and in addition to legislative and court mandated action to improve air quality, there has been an increase in sales of indoor pollution monitors, masks and air purifiers indicating a direct interest from people. Green building concept is also catching up very fast to combat the menace of indoor and outdoor air pollution.

In this regard, Prospurs Events & Promotions Pvt Ltd., in association with the Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) has been organizing Air-O-thon series of events – India’s flagship event on indoor air pollution – annually to demonstrate the widespread nature of the air pollution phenomena and explore in-depth their impacts on human health and the environment, as well as innovative techno-commercial solutions. After the successful completion of 2nd Edition of Air-O-thon series, the 3rd edition was inaugurated in Bangalore and will be held at Delhi on the 26th October and Mumbai 14th December, focusing on the alarming rise in air pollutants in Delhi’s toxic air.

This year’s theme has been broadened to include outdoor air pollution too along with indoor air and will feature exhibitions from prominent industry leaders and their cutting edge products vis-à-vis clean air. Air Quality Control systems market will grow from an estimated $58.7 billion in 2014 to $78.0 billion by 2019 with a CAGR of 5.8% from 2014 to 2019 – this highlights the enormous business opportunities in this space.

This day-long event will see participation from and present perspectives of well-known industry groups such as APT Technologies, Asian Paints, Eureka Forbes, Honeywell, AirOk, Aerate, AAF and many more plus leaders from business, academia, policy and the civil society. The goal is to serve as a unique platform that promotes a positive and well-rounded discussion by bringing together representatives from every domain and also to present solutions from the industry that are ‘ready –to-use’, scalable and adaptable. This forum is intended to encourage discussion and debate on various aspects of air pollution and its impact on air quality, health and climate.

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