Post Event Report


The 3rd AIROTHON 2018 series, an International Conference & Exhibition, addressing the air pollution challenges for clean and healthy air quality was inaugurated on 26th October2018 at Indian International Centre(IIC). The event was organized by Vprospurs Pte Ltd. (Prospurs Group) in association withIndian Pollution Control Association (IPCA). TheSociety of Indoor Environment (SIE) supports the AIROTHON as a knowledge Partner.

In addition, the conference was supported by Asian Paints as PurificationPartner,Magneto as Clean Air Partner, Manav Rachna University as Education Partner, APT technologies as Associate Partner, Green Ubuntu as Digital Media Partner, Green Dreams Foundation, Precog, Your Own Green Area (YOGA) as Supporting Partner, TecXed asIT Solution Partner, Bloom Green as Green Gifting Partner &Communication India as PR partner.

In addition our Exhibitors were Bonphul, Parimukh innovations, Doctor Air, Mann Hummel plus, Broad Clean Air, Camfil Clean Air Solutions, Kaiterra for the exhibitions.

AIR-O-THON was supported bythe Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,Environment Management Centre Mumbai, University College of Medical Science and the Society of Indoor Environment.

Around150 delegates participated from various industries, research, academia, government andNon- governmental organizations.


HonorableShri S.N. Sahu, Joint Secretary, Rajya Sabha was the Chief Guest. Shri (IAS) A.K. Mehta, Additional Secretary, MOEFCC, Govt of India was the Guest of honor of the event.

The event proceedings started in a unique way by watering the indoor plant, which is a symbol of healthy air, unlike the traditional practice of lighting a lamp by the Chief guest and Guest of honor.

Mr. Pradeep Maithani, Chairman and MD of Prospurs Group initiated the ceremony and welcomed all distinguished guests and speakers.

Born in Himalaya Mountains, grown up in Dehradun, India, Pradeep now runs multiple businesses from Singapore and help many companies to run better and digitize their operations & management style. He also works simultaneously on social causes, such as Air Pollution, Poverty, Education & Millennials issues.His experience of 20 years in management consulting in several industries including IT consulting, business & management solutions, is a big asset for any organization.

He holds an Executive MBA from Nanyang – Berkeley- Wharton, and B.E from National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, India.

His latest baby is called TecXed (operating in Singapore, India, Malaysia & Indonesia) to help parents & Schools for student life management & security of children.

Mr. Maithani spoke about the air-quality problems and informed the audience aboutthe AIR-O-THON’s objective, motto and journey so far.

Dr. Radha Goyal, Deputy Director, IPCA, explained about the Airthon Event how it has started, grew form local level to national level.

A post-doctoral from IIT Delhi, she is associated with IPCA as a member since its origin in year 2001. Her work responsibilities are to handle all research related activities of organization, writing and submission of proposals, research papers, DPRs etc. in areas of waste management, air quality and health assessment. she is also responsible for writing other publications of organization including, annual report and newsletter.

She is the peer reviewer of international journals of “Building and Environment”; “Atmospheric Environment” “Environmental Monitoring and Assessment” Air Quality, “Atmosphere and Health”; Aerosols and Air Quality Research etc.

She also explains about AIROTHON series in Delhi and other states and what all area are being focused and covered in the conference. She also emphasized on the different AIROTHON series held in different states and its response and how it helped AIROTHON to keep growing.

On behalf of Central Pollution Control Board, Dr. R.S Mahawar, Member Environmental Advisor & Former Additional Director, CPCB,Delhi was the key note speaker.

He advices on Management (including import) of Hazardous Wastes to industries for establishment of facilities for the collection/import, recycling, reuse, reclaim, treatment and disposal of all types wastes.

Resource conservation, waste management in Galvanizing industries. He explainedabout the action plans and the role of the Government and regulatory bodiesto combat air pollution in the state of Delhii and congratulated the Prospurs & IPCA team for the work done so far and conveyed his best wishesfor the upcoming Air-O-thon editions in Delhi and Mumbai.

Shri S.N. Sahu, Joint Secretary, Rajya Sabha was the Chief Guest of the event.

He had the experience of serving in the office of the President of India, Prime Minister’s Office, Office of the Vice President of India and Chairman, Rajya Sabha and Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

He has written several articles on Mahatma Gandhi and brought out the enduring significance of his ideals to address the contemporary issues such as global warming, health, sustainable development, etc.

He briefed the audience about the Gandhiji’s perspective about the clean and green India and emphasizedthe importance of technology for maintaining air quality. He suggested that all stakeholders, health conscious individuals and NGOs must educate people about the importance of clean air

Mr. Ashish Jain, Director IPCA, Delhi, delivered vote of thanks to the honored gathering.

Ashish Jain is a founder Director of Indian Pollution Control Association, A NGO established in 2001, which is working in the field of Solid Waste Management. We implement project on solid waste management from door-to-door waste collection, segregation, recycling and disposal and we also educate people on source segregation and efficient waste management for sustainable environment.

EXHIBITION :The highlight of this year conference is the addition of exhibition to it, which is open for public for free. The main objective behind this exhibition is to provide the unique platform to the enterprises to showcase their technologies and innovations used to combat air pollution and let the public know about them and their usage in day to day life.

After the inaugural session of the conference, the exhibition was inaugurated by the eminent dignitaries and a huge excitement was seen in the audience regarding it. Our one of the main exhibitor “The Royale Atmos” of Asian Paints put up a very big and attractive stall and they received tremendous response from the public and were successful in closing few orders over there itself.

The objective of the exhibition is in inline with AirOthon’s motto of “Healthy Air, Healthy Family, Healthy Nation”.

Panel Discussion – I


The first technical session was a panel discussion session onIssue of Air Quality – Then & Now (Impact on Health: Good Air, Good Health – For a Cleaner India). Mr. Ashish Sachdeva, Founder, Green Dream Foundationwas session chair for this session.

The other distinguished speakers of the session were Dr.Rajarshi Bhattacharjee, National Head, Health and Wellness, Times Foundation, Mr. Kamal Meattle, CEO, Paharpur Business Centre, Delhi, Dr. Arun Sharma, Prof., University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi University, Delhi and Ms Prarthana Borah, Director, Clean Air Asia, India.

Dr. Rajarshi Bhattacharjee-National Head, Health and Wellness, Times Foundation

Experienced Doctor with a demonstrated history of working in the newspapers industry. Skilled in Business Development, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Editing, and Team Building. Strong healthcare services professional with a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) focused in General Physician from St.Petersburg. State Medical Academy.

He spoke about the air quality index. He mentioned that India is one of the most polluted countries in the world. He further elaborated on the hazardous effects of air pollutants on health and concluded by emphasizing on health issues thatarise because of air pollution.

Mr. Kamal Meattle- CEO, Pharpur Cooling Business Centre, Delhi

Mr. Kamal is one of India’s strongest and most thoughtful proponents of sustainability. Simultaneously, he incorporates the human health, economic development, real estate, ecological, business and political dimensions of sustainability in tangible models of progress. His Paharpur and Greenspace projects are visionary examples of wiser development in the short and long term. His book on “How to grow fresh air is releasing soon and is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

A pioneer in manufacturing of world-class air filters, gave a presentation on Air Quality Challenges & Solutions in Centrally Air-Conditioned Buildings. He mentioned that such buildings have challenges of their own. He also brought up the risks related to indoor air pollution and briefed the audience on IAQ associated problems and how they can be reduced by the usage of appropriate air filters.

Dr. Arun Sharma-Director Profession, University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi

Dr. Arun Sharma, is the professor-in-charge of the tele-medicine unit, and Head of the Biostatistics and Medical Informatics department of the college. He is a member of the core committee of Medical Education Unit, looking after the faculty development program. He is a guest faculty at Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi and Occupational Health Consultant to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and Quality Austria Central Asia Pvt. Limited

He talked onthe Air Quality Scenario in Bengaluru. He gave a presentation on how the DelhiState Pollution Control Board is developing and implementing rules on air pollution, solid waste, biogenetics, plastic waste management and more.

Ms. Prarthana Borah-Director-Clean Air Asia, India

Over two decades of experience in forging strategic partnerships, conceptualizing and managing projects to foster organizational growth. Technical expertise on Environmental and Sustainable Development in the context of Climate Change, Waste Management, Sustainable Development Goals, Biodiversity, Traditional Knowledge and Air Pollution

Creative in understanding national and global trends to design new avenues for the organization to influence policy change. Proficient at generating and managing resources to give momentum and efficiently execute large budget projects.She spoke primarily on the Importance of outdoor Air Quality. She declared that there is a lack of awareness among people about outdoor air quality and how people are taking it casually, without being bothered about the health issues they are facing due to this grave problem.

Questions from audience were also directed towards the panelists.


The second technical session was Industry Case Presentations: Role of Business and Technology, Technology Innovations.The session was chaired by Mr. Sachin Panwar, Director & Founder,Your own green area. The other distinguished speakers of the session were from Asian Paints, Magneto Cleantech. Pvt. Ltd., APT Technologies.

Mr. Mandar Belgaonkar- Brand Manager from Asian Paints

Currently handling Royale high end finishes as Brand Manager with a previous experience of sales in consumer goods and pharmaceuticals. Experience in new product launches, product seeding, distribution, planning, marketing initiatives for consumers including ATL etc.

He presented the company’s ROYALE ATMOS paints series, which claims to improve the air quality in any living space. Royal Atmos paint uses activated carbon technology which helps in reducing harmful pollutants, removes malodors and makes the indoor air cleaner and fresher

Mr. Himanshu Aggarwal-CEO from Magneto Cleantech Pvt Ltd.

An entrepreneur focused on solving challenging problems in the domain of environmental sustainability with a large social impact. Currently, he helping shape the future of indoor air quality in India using real-time data and proprietary technology.

Mr. Siddharth Arora-Managing Director APT Technologies

An MBA from Thames Business School he has specialization in Hospital Disinfection & Indoor Air Quality. He is an expert & solution provider in the field of air pollution.


The third technical session was a workshop on and Air Quality Analytics Dashboard. A platform which will feature tools for analyzing and visualizing air quality, stack emissions related BIG data. The trainers for the workshop wereMr. Pranav Bhardwaj, EMC, Mumbai and Mr. Vishwa Vijaysheel, EMC, Mumbai.They explained about the importance of data analysis and also discussed that we do say that India has not much data or studies for air quality but there is lot of data present at some sites like CPCB which is not analyzed completely. He explained about his dashboard and how analysis can be done very easily with the tools available with it. Also tells that how this tool makes it so easy to identify data which is missing for certain time period in some real time monitoring stations due to some problems, which would otherwise be very difficult to find out.

The technical session ended with very interesting, interacting and highly responsive Q & A Session.

Panel Discussion II


The Second and way forward panel discussion session was chaired by Dr. Radha Goyal, Deputy Director, IPCA, Delhi. She shared a great insight on how to move forward and what is the role of Air-O-Thon in this scenario of air pollution.

The Final panel discussion session was on Scientific Research and National Clean Air Policy of India
Regulatory and Policy Measures in India. The other distinguished speakers of the session were Prof. Harsha Kota, Civil Engineering Department, IIT – Delhi, Dr. Shruti Rai Bhardwaj, Joint Director, MoEFCC, Delhi, Dr.Chhavi Pant Joshi, DADG – EH, Ministry of Health & FamilyWelfare, Delhi, Dr. R S Mahwar, Environmental Advisor & Former Additional Director, CPCB, Delhi and Ms. Smita Sharma, Deputy Editor, The Tribune, Delhi.

Prof. Harsha Kota,

Technology development and management, Research and Development, Project Management and environmental consulting. Expert in environmental engineering, data science and programming. He put up his view point as how the technical expertise can be utilized to combat the issue of air pollution.

Dr. Shruti Rai Bhardwaj,

Dr. Shruti Rai Bhardwaj is presently Additional Director in Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India. She has more than 13 years of professional experience and specializes in the fields of environmental policy design & coordination, multilateral environmental agreements and multilateral funded programme management.

She put forth the government’s plans and actions to fight the problem of air pollution and what measures government is taking to reduce it.

Dr. Chhavi Pant Joshi

Dr Chhavi Pant Joshi is a Public Health Specialist in Ministry of Health & Family welfare currently handling Environment Health in Directorate General of Health Services.

She is MBBS and MD (Community Medicine) from King Georges Medical College (KGMC), Lucknow. How human health is deteriorating due to this poisonous environment was the main point of concern, and was discussed with her.

Dr. R S Mahwar

He advices on Management (including import) of Hazardous Wastes to industries for establishment of facilities for the collection/import, recycling, reuse, reclaim, treatment and disposal of all types wastes.Resource conservation, waste management in Galvanizing industries.

He put forth his view from government’s perspective and the steps taken to combat air pollution.

Ms. Smita Sharma

Smita Sharma is an award winning Senior Journalist/Columnist and TV Commentator in India. She is currently with The Tribune as Deputy Editor and writes on foreign policy and security issues. A former broadcast journalist, she was the Foreign Affairs In-charge and Prime Time Anchor with leading news networks in India including India Today TV, Aajtak,IBN7 and CNN-IBN in 15 years of her journalistic career covering major foreign policy and political assignments across the globe.

The media approach is always very interesting and intriguing and this was well-placed by her.

The conference concluded by presenting a multi-dimensional approach to the problem of air pollution,emphasizingthe role of industries and society to combat it.

The recommendations that emerged from the deliberations and discussion of the Panel discussion and the technical session are summarized below:

  1. Establishing a Multidisciplinary Team – There is lack of integration of the various line departments like urban development, health and environment on data sharing, validating and conducting studies related to IAQ. There is a need of a coordinated efforts of all the concerned line departments. A multidisciplinary, integrated and holistic approach needs to be adopted to combat the problem of indoor air pollution in India under the umbrella of Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MOEFCC), Ministry of Health and Ministry of Urban Development, a multidisciplinary team of experts/professional consisting of architectural expert, engineering experts, occupational health expert and a social science expert should established with well-defined roles and responsibilities.
  2. Role of Medical Fraternity – No community surveillance system exists for health effects due to air pollution in hospitals. Doctors have not yet identified indoor air pollution as a cause of any aliment.
  3. Awareness Generation – Need for awareness about the impact of indoor air pollution and health impacts. Developing awareness about IAQ standards of urban homes. Developing awareness regarding the purifiers and how to choose purifier
  4. Air Purifier – The air purifying instruments should be prescribed by the health authorities. Study of the impact of air purifiers on the immunity of the users not yet being done. The purifiers, in which the entire process of air purification is natural should be preferred over the others, e.g. indoor plants.
  5. National Level Testing Facility – National level testing facility needs to be established to validate and test the new technologies evolved by the companies for combating indoor air quality problems.
  6. Developing Policies for Public Places – Prevention and protection policy intervention is needed only formulating regulations will not work. Awareness should be the First priority There is a need for a regional approach to solve IAQ related problems. An urgent need has been felt to develop Indoor air policy for the public places like malls, cinema halls, hospitals which should be strictly implemented and a monitoring mechanism should be developed for evaluation.

Based on this approach, we are now more focused to connect industries and communities with policy-makers, implementers, innovators and environmental advocates in our upcoming editions in other states.